Advantages of 6 Month Smiles over standard braces

Nobody really wants to wear braces for any amount of time.

However, given the proven results they can achieve in making your smile more attractive, and the fact that an improved smile has the power to help you be more successful in love and at work, they remain a very popular dental treatment.

Studies have shown time and time again that you’re more likely to be promoted in your career and enjoy more dates when you have an attractive smile.

Additionally, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean because all tooth surfaces will be theoretically exposed to the toothbrush.

This means you are at less risk of tooth decay. So having established why braces are sought after despite being regarded as an undesirable dental adornment, why wouldn’t you choose the most discreet type and the shortest treatment time available? The braces brand, Six Month Smiles, does just that. It straightens teeth discreetly and quickly.

Who is suitable for Six Month Smiles braces?

Six Month Smiles is an ideal treatment for patients with crooked front teeth, who would like a light, minimal brace to correct the alignment of up to 6 teeth in the front of the mouth over a short period of time.

Taking 4 to 9 months to improve mild alignment problems, Six Month Smiles braces are not prominent, but they are very effective.

The braces themselves consist of translucent brackets which are bonded onto the tooth surfaces of your misaligned front teeth and a tooth-coloured wire running through them.

Pressure exerted onto the teeth from this set up will bring the teeth into a neater, more flattering position in the mouth and improve the appearance of your smile.

You’ll visit your dentist periodically throughout the treatment time to ensure that the braces are moving your teeth correctly and to have the braces adjusted in order to keep up the pressure on them. When the treatment is complete your front teeth should be straight and your smile more attractive.

The huge advantage that Six Month Smiles offers over more traditional brace options is that they straighten your teeth in just a few weeks and they won’t draw attention to crooked teeth or the device you’re wearing to correct them.

To find out more about Six Month Smiles braces, whether or not you’d be a good candidate for them, as well as other braces options we can provide, please book a consultation with us.

Adults and teenagers can benefit from the braces we provide. Please get in touch. We’ll answer all your questions.

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