How Could Dental Implants Upgrade Your Smile?

Discomfort and pain from a broken tooth

When you suffer from broken or missing teeth, it can seem like you have no option but to accept the discomfort, pain whilst trying to hide your smile in social settings.

But this is not the case. At Marlborough Dental Studio, we have a fantastic range of exceptional dental implant treatments, that could revolutionise your oral health.

How could dental implants change your life?

Strengthen Your Bite

Dental implants are fitted under the gum line with titanium screws; so that when your new alternative tooth is fitted, you can expect a more secure and strengthened bite.

This means you can enjoy eating again, without forcing yourself to eat differently to accommodate your missing or broken teeth, or dealing with any discomfort.

Transform Your Smile

As well as changing the way your teeth feel, dental implants also completely transform the appearance of your teeth. Implants are colour matched and designed to blend in with your surrounding teeth, giving you fantastic results and a beautiful smile to match.

Even if someone were to analyse your teeth and implants closely, they would remain completely unnoticeable!

Feel More Confident

With a new smile that feels and looks incredible, the possible insecurities you may have had about your appearance are lifted! With nothing to hold you back, you can live your life to the fullest! Socialise with friends, attend dinners with loved ones and no irritation or pain.

Why Marlborough Dental Studio?

At our friendly Marlborough practice, we prioritise our patients’ experience and wellbeing and do everything we can to accommodate them to make them feel relaxed. Here is a typical patient experience at Marlborough Dental Studio:

“A wonderful service from all the staff. It makes a trip to the dentist a joy!”

– Juliette Tyler

In addition, our fantastic range of dental implants caters for all issues surrounding tooth loss, with treatments for single implants to a completely new smile for more severe cases.

If you would like to know more about dental implants, or perhaps about how Marlborough Dental Studio could help you, please contact our helpful team who will happily provide you with further information; or book you in for a FREE consultation!


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