Why you Should Book a Check up Before you go on Holiday

Are you thinking of jetting off this September?

With the kids back in school, it’s a great month to grab some quiet sunshine in Europe, or perhaps further afield, with nothing to ruin your relaxing holiday… except for maybe toothache!

If you experience tooth pain while abroad, getting treatment from an appropriate dentist is not necessarily as easy as finding a doctor. Have you studied the small print in your travel insurance?

Are you likely to do that at any point? It’s okay, we understand. Life is too short and you’re not alone!

We are sure it’s far more convenient for you to have a check-up with your dentist before you leave the country, rather than worry about communicating the problem in another language when you get there.

Prevention is better than cure anyway and our expert dentist here will be able to detect any warning signs that may flare up into a full-blown, painful dental condition in the immediate future, in order to take corrective action.

If you’re currently feeling any mouth discomfort or pain in your teeth and suspect something is wrong, don’t take your worries away on holiday with you.

How Marlborough Dental Studios can help you

We provide a comprehensive dental service, designed to keep your teeth healthy and looking good. If dentists make you nervous, please be assured that our dental staff have received full training on how to best approach dental fear.

We accept wholeheartedly that it exists, is commonplace and can’t be helped.

We will support you through every step of your consultation and any consequent treatment.

We offer a full general dentistry package with regular examinations for those who have joined our practice, as well as an emergency treatment for patients who are seeking immediate dental relief.

Even if tooth decay and signs of gum disease are not yet present in the mouth, preventative action should be taken.

Additionally, should you be concerned about how your teeth look, you could always consider one of the numerous cosmetic dentistry options we offer.

Using veneers and crowns we can repair chipped or cracked teeth.

With cutting edge, discreet braces we can move your teeth into a more attractive alignment.

If you’ve lost a tooth, we can fit a dental implant into your jaw to provide you with a natural-looking, permanent prosthesis.

Whatever your dental concern we will do our best to help. Please get in touch with our receptionist to book an appointment for your consultation.

Please give us a call 01672 516184.


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