3 Top advantages of tooth implants

Tooth implants are prosthetic teeth that can be used individually to provide single permanent replacements, or in pairs to anchor a bridge of artificial teeth in place. An entire set can be fixed firmly into the mouth using as few as 4-6 tooth implants.


Aesthetic advantages

There are obvious aesthetic advantages to having tooth implants; the main one being that they’ll fill an unsightly gap in your smile that has been caused by tooth loss. Our clients commonly admit that they sought tooth implants because they felt self-conscious about having teeth missing, but did you know that smiling less because you don’t want to reveal your gaps can have a detrimental effect on your happiness?  See new teeth in a day.


During a famous study at Stamford University it was discovered that even when the mouth is forced into a smiling position, without any muscular input (using pens being held in the mouth), happiness hormones surge, just as they do when you smile naturally. Don’t feel sad. Let’s have a discussion about restoring your smile. There are plenty of other advantages of tooth implants too.


1. Having a tooth implant fitted can prevent your other teeth from shifting, potentially causing an unbalanced bite or less attractive smile. Teeth that are out of alignment are also at a higher risk of decay due to overlapping tooth surfaces trapping food deposits that simply can’t be reached by your toothbrush.

2. With a tooth missing, your other teeth are having to work harder. Chewing and biting motions distributed evenly over all your teeth, should lead to even wear and tear.

3. When you have teeth missing, your jawbone can begin to atrophy. A tooth implant will stimulate the jawbone in the same way a natural tooth will do, keeping your jawbone healthier for longer.


Restore your smile

If you’d like to restore your smile at our Swindon practice, as well as prevent alignment and jawbone problems in the future, please give us a call to book a consultation with us. Our dentist Dr Stephen Tarr will discuss the procedure in depth with you, so that you’re fully informed of each stage of the process.

We’ll talk about how the titanium root will be placed in the jaw, how long it’ll take to heal and how your smile will look following treatment. Please get in touch to take your first step towards a more attractive smile.

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