Baby steps to healthy teeth

We like to take a ‘whole family’ approach to our dental care and offer a warm welcome to everyone – including the littlest of people.

We believe in encouraging good dental health habits early on, and our team is dedicated to taking care of the teeth and gums of your offspring.

We like to check the teeth of your child the moment they celebrate their first birthday or when their first tooth pushes through, whatever comes first.

A child’s first trip to our practice should be a positive one. We suggest you bring them into the practice as early as possible to get them used to the sights, smells and sounds – and meet our friendly dentists.

As they start school, our dentists can also check the development of your child’s dentition.

If you have any concerns – whether it is a receding or protruding jaw, narrow arch, potential overcrowding or just the health of their smile – then please speak to a member of our team who can book your child in for a check-up.

And, while we are on the topic of little ones, we would like to take this opportunity to wish our lovely dental nurse Toni all the best as she heads off on maternity leave to have her second baby.

Toni has been with us for 10 years now and is an invaluable member of the team – she will be missed. Here’s to a few sleepless nights as her new bundle of joy allows – and we look forward to her second child’s first dental appointment with Marlborough Dental Studio!

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