Creating healthy smiles –whatever your age

It is never too late to create the smile of your dreams.

We have helped boost the confidence of many patients with our gentle cosmetic treatment. For one of our lovely patients, the journey to a more youthful smile began a few decades ago, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Lesley Soane - Creating healthy smiles, whatever your ageLesley Soane’s smile makeover came at the perfect time – on the cusp of her 60th birthday. Still busy working as a Network Rail Scheme project manager, she was ready to invest in herself, and a smile makeover seemed the obvious choice.

She says: ‘I broke a tooth when I was a child and had a crown fitted. I waited years before replacing it but it always looked different from my natural teeth. I was also unhappy with my uneven gum line and wanted a more attractive smile.’

The mum-of-three (one daughter and two stepdaughters) was ‘healthy and happy’ and enjoying life with her girls, four grandchildren and husband, Tony. But, having put her own needs to one side for many years, she now felt it was time for a little indulgence.

Like quite a few of our patients, Lesley was a little apprehensive about visiting the dentist. After doing her homework online and reading our five-star reviews, she was ready to embrace a new chapter and booked a consultation with our principal dentist, Stephen Tarr.

She says: ‘From the minute I met Stephen, I knew I had made the right decision. We had a lovely chat, there was no pressure, and, after deciding on a treatment plan, we started the ball rolling.’

Stephen put together a treatment plan for Lesley, including dental veneers, teeth whitening and a new, more natural-looking crown. Dental veneers are a thin layer of porcelain, made to fit over the front surface of a tooth to improve its appearance – in colour, shape and position

The perfect smile that was worth the wait

At Marlborough Dental Studio we promise to put you at the centre of everything we do. We listen and respect your desired outcome, and our primary goal is to provide you with solutions that take into account all of your dental concerns, needs and desires.

We appreciate the importance of a healthy and attractive smile and offer essential dental services to help you maintain optimum oral health.

Enlighten’s Evolution is hailed as the world’s best-performing teeth-whitening treatment and delivers long-lasting results with low sensitivity, refreshing a smile instantly.

For Lesley’s crown, Stephen chose the ceramic option that was colour matched to her whitened teeth to blend in perfectly.

Lesley now looks forward to continuing her successful career, enjoying her family and ‘wowing’ those who know her with her new youthful appearance.

‘A friend I hadn’t seen for a while saw a photo of me and commented that I looked 15 years younger. I hadn’t wanted my new smile to look fake as if I had a mouthful of somebody else’s teeth, so I like the subtle change,’ she says.

‘It was such an easy journey – the team are friendly and I never felt doubtful at any stage. They even accommodated my work life by booking me in for appointments on my regular day off.

‘For anyone unhappy with their smile, I would highly recommend Marlborough Dental Studio. I was reassured from consultation through to conclusion. It was important for me to be able to find the right people to help me and, once it all fell into place, I couldn’t wait.’

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