Wearing Braces

Reasons for early intervention braces

Latest research has found that early intervention orthodontics can have absolutely fantastic results, which is why we pride ourselves in treating children as young as six years old at Marlborough Dental Studio.

If you detect orthodontic problems in your children, get in contact and we can work out the best solutions moving forward for you.

  • Detect the problem early on:

Usually, the quicker you solve misaligned teeth and jaw complications with orthodontic intervention, the better.

Problems can increase over time and then become harder to treat. As your child’s bones are more malleable and softer, their jaws are more easily pushed into a healthy shape.

    • Children heal faster:

A second reason for this is because young children’s teeth grow and heal faster which means treatment takes less time to complete.

  • Prevent teeth crowding:

Early intervention also helps to prevent crowded teeth. An example of this is if your child were to lose their baby molar (for any number of reasons, such as decay), this could cause their adult molar to shift forward and crowd their emerging adult teeth.

Reasons for early intervention bracesBy taking early action in shifting this adult molar back into an optimum position, you can prevent your child from requiring intervention later in life, such as removing the tooth altogether.

Early intervention orthodontics more often than not prevents children from requiring braces in their teenage years, at a time when their appearance becomes more important to them, and they can experience feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness.

What if I didn’t get treatment as a child?

There are many reasons why people don’t get orthodontic treatment as children.

For many people, they may not have noticed problems at a young age, or they may not have had the financial means to get braces at the time.

If you have teenagers or are an adult looking for braces, we have many options available which are both subtle and time-efficient.

Click here to find out about more options for adult braces.

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