Complaints Procedure

Making a complaint

If you are unhappy about any aspect of your care, Marlborough Dental Studio has a formal complaints policy which details the stages of the process and the timescale we aim to achieve in dealing with any complaint.

A summary is provided below:

  • If you wish to lodge a complaint, Kate Sheather will be informed and will be the person dealing with the complaint. Complaints can be given in writing if the complaint is made verbally and in person you will be taken to a private room and time given for us to hear your comment or complaint in full.
  • If the complainant is not the patient, written consent must be provided by the patient on whose behalf the complaint is being lodged.
  • If the complaint is made in writing, the complaint will be recorded as such and the patient invited to lodge an official complaint, laying out the details of the circumstances of the complaint.
  • All complaints, written or verbal, will be logged by us.

Time scales for dealing with complaints are as follows:

  • Written acknowledgment is sent within 2 working days (unless a full reply can be completed within 5 working days)
  • A full response is sent within 20 days, or when an investigations is ongoing, a full response is sent within 5 days of it’s conclusion.

We at Marlborough Dental Studio take any complaint very seriously and will fully support a patient who wishes to make a complaint to ensure that the matter is properly resolved.

Should you remain unhappy, you can contact the Dental Complaints Service, who provides a complaints resolution service for private patients.

Their contact details are:

  • Dental Complaints Service
  • 37 Wimpole Street
  • London
  • W1G 8DQ

Patients can be assured that any comment or complaint you wish to make about our service will in no way affect the treatment and care you receive at our practice.

Questions and comments:

If you have any questions, comments ore views about the information printed on this guide or require any of our treatment leaflets, please speak to any member of the team here at the practice. information contained in all of our guides is reviewed at least annually and we take account of all suggestions made when we update our documentation.