Newbury Teeth Whitening

Newbury Teeth Whitening Treatments that Brighten Your Smile

At Marlborough Dental Studio, we understand that teeth overtime can stain and become discoloured. We design our teeth whitening treatment to improve the natural shade of your teeth.

By using Enlighten, our teeth whitening system is incredibly popular for patients travelling from Newbury, Berkshire.

For over twenty years, our private dentist has welcomed new patients from Newbury who to improve the appearance of their smile.

We want to make sure your teeth whitening treatment is designed to get the results you want, which is why our principal dentist, Dr Stephen Tarr, is available for the initial consultation.

Brighten Your Teeth With Us Today

Marlborough Dental Studio takes great pride in providing cosmetic dental treatments that can improve your oral health, build a strong healthy mouth and make sure your teeth look fantastic.

From our dental implants to our dental veneer treatments, we’ll always conduct a detailed, oral assessment to make sure your gums and teeth are healthy and ideal for the treatment.

We’ve helped provide cosmetic treatments that can give you a smile makeover. If you’re from Newbury or elsewhere in Berkshire, contact us on 01672 516184. You can visit our private dentist practice by booking your appointment with us. We’re here to give you the smile you want.









Opalescence Go is an inexpensive, at-home teeth whitening system that we offer to our Newbury patients. We believe that Opalescence Go can help give you the shade you want for your teeth at your Berkshire home.

  • A Simple Home System. We create your teeth whitening trays at our private clinic and can show how the teeth whitening system is then applied to your teeth.
  • Incredible Safe for Teeth and Gums. The oral health of your gums and teeth is incredibly important, which is why this system includes potassium nitrate and fluoride which minimises your teeth sensitivity.
  • The Best, Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment. We proudly offer this at-home teeth whitening system because of its cost and effectiveness at home.

Enlighten is widely considered to be the best teeth whitening system on the market and one that is endorsed by celebrities. Its many features and benefits include:

  • Whiten your teeth by up to 12 shades
  • Vita shade B1 guaranteed
  • High quality custom-made trays for the perfect fit
  • Desensitising swabs and serum to ensure low sensitivity
  • Kind to your teeth
  • Whiten your teeth without changing your diet
  • Long-lasting whitening for up to two years
  • Top-up and maintain the results with just one tray per month

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Teeth Whitening Process

With all our cosmetic dental treatments for Newbury patients, you’ll first have an initial consultation with a member of our team. This gives you an opportunity to discuss what you want from us and what results you want to achieve.

We’ll always carry out an oral dental assessment to check the current health of your teeth and gums, to ensure that any teeth whitening treatment won’t cause any unexpected complications such as untreated gum disease. Afterwards, we’ll be able to design your teeth whitening treatment which will then be carried out by a member of our hygienist team.

With Marlborough Dental Studio, we want to make sure that your teeth look and feel great. We’ll arrange a follow-up appointment to offer further aftercare to your teeth. We’re here to improve the smiles of our patients traveling from Berkshire.

Airflow Teeth Polishing

New to the practice, the Airflow air polishing system. Airflow is a handheld device that uses compressed air, water and fine powder particles to gently remove unwanted stains from your teeth.

Experience a second-to-none stain removal treatment that leaves your mouth feeling beautifully clean and looking fantastic.

You can book an Airflow treatment as a ‘step up’ to your usual hygienist appointment or you may wish to book this diamond standard stain removal treatment as a one-off prior to that special occasion.