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3 Top advantages of tooth implants

Tooth implants are prosthetic teeth that can be used individually to provide single permanent replacements, or in pairs to anchor a bridge of artificial teeth in place. An entire set can be fixed firmly into the mouth using as few as 4-6 tooth implants. There are obvious aesthetic advantages to having tooth implants; the main one being that they’ll fill an unsightly gap in your smile that has been caused by tooth loss. Our clients commonly admit that they sought tooth implants because they felt self-conscious about having teeth missing, but did you know that smiling less because you don’t want to reveal your gaps can have a...

Marlborough Dental – What options do I have to replace missing teeth?

There are many benefits to replacing missing teeth and the sooner you make the decision to look into your prosthetic options, the easier your treatment will probably be, particularly if you choose to have dental implants. With a gap where your tooth or teeth used to be, you may well be feeling self conscious about your appearance. Dentures should give you more confidence in your looks. If you’re concerned about bone loss; a consequence of your jawbone not being stimulated by your natural teeth, dental implants will reduce the rate at which your jawbone will atrophy. Let’s have a look at your choices.  About dentures in Marlborough Dental implants mimic...