Dental implants versus a dental bridge


Dental implants versus a dental bridge

The secret to a confident smile not only lies in how it looks, but also in how our teeth fit together when we speak and eat.  Attractive and natural-looking teeth help us to feel good. So, if we have a missing tooth or teeth, what are our options?

Cosmetic dentistry now offers a host of innovative solutions to improve a smile that go beyond traditional tooth bridges and dentures.

Tooth bridges

Tooth bridges are replacement teeth that are individually designed to match natural teeth in look and feel. These are placed on natural teeth and anchored by the teeth either side of the gap. However, a dental bridge can lead to challenges in cleaning. It will no longer be possible to floss between the teeth, which means you may need to learn a whole new way to brush them.


Dental implants

Dental implants, on the other hand, are artificial roots that are firmly anchored into the jawbone onto which dental crowns are placed. They are now a popular choice for many people looking to replace one or more missing teeth. This option also prevents unnecessary tooth destruction of the adjacent teeth often required when fitting dental bridges.


dental-implant-demo-modelImplants also have one of the highest success rates in all of fixed reconstructions for missing teeth and produce a near like-for-like replacement. Success rates are invariably quoted at 95% and dental implants are proven to improve chewing function compared with removable dentures, tooth bridges – or even leaving gaps unrestored.


As a stand-alone structure, a dental implant is also relatively easy to clean compared to a tooth bridge. And, thanks to advancements in dental treatments, you may even have the implant inserted at the same time as having the failing tooth removed.


If you are seeking a minimally invasive solution to a broken smile, or wish to find out more about teeth replacement and our accompanying financial options to help you spread the cost of treatment, then please call 01672 516184 or send us a message below.


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