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Dental Implants


Dental Implants

If you have one or more missing teeth, you may be looking to replace them with a tooth implant that gives you the most natural appearance, as well as the best possible function and comfort. Dental implants may be right for you


Dental implants are a long-lasting solution to tooth loss, and you may be surprised by the tooth replacement choices that are open to you. You can have a single dental implant to replace a missing tooth, or several implants to provide a secure anchor for bridges or implant-retained dentures. We can even give you back a full set of teeth in one appointment with our teeth-in-a-day service.


Each solution will allow you to smile, eat and chew with confidence.


Dental implants look, work and feel like real teeth. As they are placed in your jaw bone, they also encourage the bone to strengthen around them and can help stop your natural teeth from drifting, as well as potentially preventing future tooth loss.


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The benefits

Dental implants have many benefits over other restorations to replace missing teeth, such as bridges and dentures.

  • Replace a missing tooth or teeth
  • Restore your mouth’s function so you can bite and chew properly
  • Provide a secure anchor for dentures & bridges
  • Highly qualified implant dentists
  • New teeth in a day
  • ‘All on Four’ implants can replace a whole set of teeth
  • Prevent that caved in look often seen with dentures
  • The most cost effective, long lasting solution out there
  • 0% finance & affordable payment options

Why choose us for dental implants?

People come from throughout Marlborough, Swindon, Newbury, Hungerford and the surrounding areas (and sometimes further afield) to have their dental implants at Marlborough Dental Studio.


We have a highly experienced implantologist, Dr Paul Niland, who can provide all varieties of dental implants, including implant-retained dentures, teeth-in-a-day and complex dental implants. Paul’s passion for implantology and oral surgery shines through in his ability to tackle complex cases and give patients clear insights into what their treatment will entail.






Dental implants come in three parts. We place the first part, a titanium screw, in your jaw bone to replace the missing root of a lost tooth. Once your bone has strengthened enough to make the dental implant stable, we place the second part – the abutment – to connect the titanium screw to the third part of the implant, your replacement tooth.


This prosthetic tooth is colour-matched and shaped to blend perfectly with the other teeth in your mouth, so it will look completely natural. By the end of your treatment, no-one will be able to spot which tooth is the dental implant.





With Teeth-in-a-day, our implantologists can give you temporary teeth that look similar to your own on the same day as they place your dental implants. This treatment is ideal if you need to have a number of teeth replaced.


The implants are placed at carefully chosen angles to anchor them within your jaw bone without you having to wait several months for the bone to osseointegrate, i.e. develop a structural and functional connection between the bone and implant. Once the bone is fully stable, we will replace the temporary prosthetic teeth with your permanent set.


Not all dental practices are able to fit Teeth-in-a-day implants, although we are proud to be able to offer them at Marlborough Dental Studio. This can be a fantastic option for giving you back a complete smile in a single day. You can read more about Teeth-in-a-Day implants here.





One of the most common problems for wearers of denture implants, or for people with large dental bridges is that over time the fit of dentures or a bridge can change and become uncomfortable. This is caused by bone loss within the upper or lower jaw as a result of tooth loss.


If you’re a denture wearer and your current dentures feel loose or cause you to suffer from mouth irritation, problems with speaking and eating, dry mouth or excessive saliva, implant-retained dentures could be liberating and potentially life-changing. They work by providing a fixed anchor for your dentures at strategic points in your jawbone. Simply put your dentures in and clip them to your dental implants to stop your dentures from moving.


Denture wearers find implant-retained dentures give them greater comfort than traditional cosmetic dentures, as well as the confidence to eat a wider range of foods, and smile and laugh without fear that their dentures will move. Having dental implants in your jaw bone can also help to stimulate bone growth and protect your underlying facial structure.





One of the benefits of having dental implants at Marlborough Dental Studio is that our implantologists are trained in advanced techniques. Using cutting-edge implant technology, we may recommend short or wider implants as an alternative to bone grafts if you don’t have enough bone to secure the older-style implant device. Even sinus lifts may be unnecessary with advanced and angled implants.


If a bone graft or sinus lift is the best option for your individual case, our team have the skills, training and experience to be able to carry out these procedures within the clinic.

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