The Wand: how it works, benefits & more

One of the most challenging aspects of dental care for many of our patients is anxiety, often caused by the anticipation of some of our more invasive treatments.


Why we use The Wand

Whilst the ambience, décor and warm welcome you receive when your walk through our door are all designed to put everyone at ease, some of you may need a little help in relaxing once inside the surgery.

Reassuringly, all of our dentists, hygienists and dental nurses have excellent chair-side manners and we offer unhurried appointments, which means you set the pace when it comes to your treatment.

Whilst we have developed many positive relationships with our patients, we also choose to invest in the most advanced clinical technology available to us to further ensure your comfort.

That is which is why we are now able to offer the very latest innovative solution for those of you who may be anxious.


How it works

The Wand is designed specifically to deliver a gentle form of local anaesthetic. A virtually pain-free procedure, it aims to create a more pleasant and positive experience in the chair.

The computer-assisted anaesthesia system enables us to deliver localised and highly predictable single tooth anaesthesia, which means only the tooth we are treating is numbed rather than entire sections of your mouth.

This means more comfort throughout treatment as well as a straightforward and speedy recovery.

The Wand offers both visual and audible feedback and the flow of anaesthesia is computer controlled so we may accurately control the anaesthetic, creating a more comfortable numbing experience for you.

The hand-piece we use is small and discreet, which means no large, intimidating syringes. And, because it is slender, it makes it easier for us to access those trickier areas of the mouth.

Research has shown that The Wand painless anesthesia system is proven to reduce pain during anesthesia.

Benefits of The Wand

At Marlborough Dental Studio, we welcome any innovations that help to make your patient journey with us more comfortable and less stressful before and during treatment – and beyond.

We are dedicated to creating the best patient experience possible and believe The Wand supports this approach.

In essence, The Wand offers:

  • Pain-free treatment
  • No risk of long-term effects such as paraesthesia
  • Virtually no numbness or pain after the treatment
  • The ability to numb just one tooth
  • More comfort
  • With pain-free injections, you can relax about an appointment with us